DexoFriend User Help

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How to use DexoFriend

DexoFriend is a free, open source Discord bot for managing whitelists populated with Cardano addresses.

Check out the video below for a quick whitelisting tutorial:

Need more help?

Check out the documentation below or find us on Twitter, Discord, and GitHub!

Discord Command Reference

Whitelisting commands

Whitelist a cardano address

Whitelist a mainnet Cardano address, stake address, or ADA Handle.


Check your whitelisted information

Check if you are currently on the whitelist, and if so, which address you have whitelisted.


Wallet Verification

〉Wallet verification links your Discord account to your various wallets, and is a separate process from whitelisting.
〉If a server you are in has added special roles for holders, you can get these roles via this process.
〉Roles are automatically updated once per day, and also when you verify or remove a new wallet.
〉Wallet verification works across all servers which use DexoFriend.

Access the verification portal

Click the button shown to access the verification portal.